Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If I Had a Nickel...

Once you find a favorite guitar string, it's easy to fall into the habit of buying the same set over and over, never trying anything new or different. It's great when a set of XL110's works on every guitar you own, since one more variable in your tone chain can be on "automatic". That's a great place to be.

But I think that as comfortable as that is, from time to time you should experiment a little with string gauges and composition.

Try the EXL140 set if you are interested in hearing a bigger rhythm sound. Try a wound G string Flat Wound set on any Jazz-style hollowbody you might have.

Knock down some of the harsher high end from a Tele or Strat with a set of pure Nickel strings. The softer feel of the Nickel sets and reduced tension can make a stiff-playing guitar into a smooth machine.

Put some sparkle into dark humbucker with a ProSteel set.

Reduce fret chatter and friction on your slide guitar with Half Rounds or acoustic Flat Tops.

Get a broken-in sound fresh from the package and 3-4 times the string life with EXP strings for both acoustic and electric.

D'Addario has a full line and many options. Take a chance and experiment with the above suggestions, or click on over to our website and look around for yourself. You just might find the perfect strings for all of your guitars.