Monday, January 24, 2011

New at NAMM 2011

It's hard to think of new and innovative things to do when you already make strings for just about everything. Luckily, the minds of D'Addario never rest and we have a few new products to offer that just might be what you've been waiting for.

For bass players, the official launch of the Nylon Tapewound bass strings is here. You can read about these strings in an earlier post here. In a nutshell, dig out your Hofner, slap a set of tapewounds on and play along to everything up through Sgt. Pepper's.

Back the the Dead comes D'Addario Reds. By popular demand, we are re-issuing the Reds series of strings, this time with EXP coating over the copper/steel alloy. Make your favorite bass a red-threaded stepchild with EXP Reds.

For flamenco players seeking a bright attack and a supple feel (hey, that practically describes the music...and the dancers!), D'Addario introduces the EJ25C Flamenco Guitar set in our Pro Arte line. Get your rasgueados rockin' and rollin'.

Houdini may never have found a true medium, but you can with the EJ24 True Mediums. Using a smaller diameter core for the 3rd, 4th and 5th strings gives a balanced feel to the whole set. Perfect for DADGAD tunings

Shredders and MIDI guitar players will dig the balanced tension set, the EXL111. Every string feels the same, tension-wise, regardless of pitch or diameter.