Thursday, September 23, 2010

Refresh Your Music

Sometimes you just can't put your guitar down, sometimes you have to dust it before you strum a chord. I spent a lot of years as a teenager with a guitar draped around my neck for most of the day...couldn't get enough of it. Once I realized that I wasn't going to pay my bills playing it, but might do OK by selling/marketing/tuning them, I didn't play as often. I might pick it up for several days in a row, but I might skip a day or two or three from time to time.

I've been trying to get inspired lately, now that I'm 48 years old (at least for a few more months) fully immersed in the business and actually home on weekends these days...and I found a new way to do it.

Change your strings. Even if you just put a set on recently, try a different gauge or a different formula next time. Go 80/20 instead of Phosphor Bronze. Try a set of EXP Electrics and put some Flat Tops on your dreadnought.

If it's been a while, a fresh set of D'Addario strings will help re-kindle the old flame you have with your instrument.

Try some other things to get you started on new paths. Learn a favorite solo note for note. Make a vow to only play slide for a week. Take off both E strings and explore the inside set of strings for a month. You'll be amazed what you'll discover about your guitar, about music and about your own playing.


  1. Your 48? You don't look a day over 35!!

  2. Good post! I haven't played in a LONG while and just changed my strings yesterday!

  3. Well said, i agree its important to change your strings as it just sounds so much better!

  4. I love Elixirs, but have been leaning to the 80/20 xtra lite version of EXP Daddarios, these coated strings put out a really nice tone!!!