Saturday, October 8, 2011

Swap 'Em Out

My wife is a singer-songwriter and she walked into my studio today with a new song called "Distraction". It's got a Mavericks/Chris Isaak vibe and screams for a baritone guitar. Slight problem in that I do not own a baritone guitar.

Off I go to craigslist to see if there are any in the Nashville area. Sure enough, a guy posted a Danelectro Classic baritone about 10 days ago. I call the number and leave a message that I am interested if he still has it. He returns my call 20 minutes later as he is driving back from a gig in St. Louis. His post said he did not need the guitar and also did not need to sell it, just seeing if there was any interest, so I proposed a trade.

I bought a '99 Gibson Les Paul Junior from a friend a couple years ago and never really warmed up to it. It's a nice guitar, but nothing I really had to have. I asked the guy if he was into a trade and he said "send some photos" via cell phone and he would look at it.

20 more minutes later, he likes the photos and agrees to swap guitars. We are scheduled to meet somewhere between here and Smyrna tomorrow afternoon.

I get a new guitar, he gets a new guitar, neither of our wives are mad, mine is actually very happy, everybody wins and I get to try out a set of D'Addario baritone strings. The Dano shipped with D'Addario strings originally, I can't wait to hear what it sounds like in the track.


  1. Trade, also. Think I've heard of a baritone guitar before but am at a loss. Glad to hear you had good luck with craigslist.
    Definitely would have kept the Gibson.

    No doubt that the strings were awesome.

  2. Nice find, although I'd miss that Les Paul. I've never played a baritone guitar, although I'd love to try one. I hope you have fun with the new guitar!